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The Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program is designed for Christian ministers while they are actively engaged in local churches and in Para church organizations. This program is to provide advanced studies in Biblical and Theological themes which will serve as rationale for ministry and missions, involvement in communities, formation of strategies and practical implications thereof.


HBI wants to form Biblically founded, theologically reflective and contextually relevant national leaders who will have Christ like character, deeper understanding of the nature and purpose of church on pastoral zeal for ministry and enhanced skills to take the Christian communities to greater levels fulfilling the great commission of Jesus.

Nature of the program:

1.      Uniqueness

-        The D.Min. program is an advance professional degree program designed for men and women who are already engaged in the full-time practice of ministry. It defers from Ph.D as the focus of the D.Min. is on doing research in the context of practical ministry.

-        While the D.Min program is built upon Biblical, Theological and professional foundations of M.Div. or its equivalent degree, the student has the benefit of integrating the intellectual treasures of M.Div. or its equivalent degree and the rich practical and pastoral experiences which he/she gained from his/her subsequent years of ministry in the pastoral field.

-        This program enables and strengthens leaders in Christian ministry to increase their efficiency in serving the church or para church organization or a mission.

2.      The Nature

-        The course and project work are interdisciplinary in nature and involves applied exercises including library research and writing.

-        A significant portion of the program requirement are to be met in the candidate’s ministerial context than in a residential program.

Content of the program:

-        The D.Min. program is arranged in such a way the candidate will have to attend seminars twice a year online.

-        Each candidate has to successfully complete a total of 44 credit hours

§    2 orientation course 8 hours

§    2 Foundational course 8 hours

§    4 Concentration course 16 hours

§    A decertation 12 hours